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Ikä : 2009
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Rotu: Kameli

ViestiAihe: Jos neegeröt   La Helmi 11, 2012 12:54 am

John_Henson: I hate n­iggers

Jepekula: Well hello.

skullcrusher202: Nice Vexx.

John_Henson: F­ucking dumbasses

Jepekula: Indeed, John, indeed.

VexxGenesis: micro! *hugs micro*

Jepekula: Indeed you hate them.

Jepekula: Except...

Jepekula: One of my friends is black.

Jepekula: >Sad

John_Henson: Cool

John_Henson: He should be killed.

skullcrusher202: I hate "****s".

John_Henson: Publicly.

Jepekula: Nope.

John_Henson: And hung from a lamp post for the entire town to see.

skullcrusher202: *"Nig.gers"

skullcrusher202: The term anyways.

John_Henson: And put a sign under him that says; "Broken farm equipment"

VexxGenesis: john who you hateing on?

John_Henson: N­iggers

VexxGenesis: .............

ItalianoII: Racial slurs...

VexxGenesis: and your being a racist shit why?

ItalianoII: Because he likes Uncle Ruckus?

Jepekula: Well, maybe you should not break your "farm equipment" in the South Africa you live in?

Jepekula: They might just last longer, you know?

Jepekula: If you don't kick 'em all day long.

John_Henson: Because n­iggers aren't people.

John_Henson: And don't deserve human rights.

John_Henson: Because they aren't hman

Jepekula: I see.

John_Henson: They're farm equipment.

John_Henson: Tools.

skullcrusher202: John exactly who said they aren't human?

Jepekula: But I did not say that you should treat them nice because they are humans.

John_Henson: Any form of rationalism

John_Henson: Would tell you

HellHunter667: Damn,we got a racist over here. >_>

John_Henson: N­iggers aren't human

Jepekula: As in your homecountry they are not humans but slaves.

Jepekula: Obviously.

Jepekula: Thus, you should treat them nice so that they don't break so often.

skullcrusher202: Did "God" appear to you and say "Nig.gers aren't human, they are property"?

HellHunter667: Slaves are still human. *trollface*

John_Henson: WOW

John_Henson: SKULL

John_Henson: R U ATHEIST?!

Jepekula: You could save a long buck.

skullcrusher202: Yes I am.


John_Henson: Stfu.

John_Henson: No.

skullcrusher202: How about no.

HellHunter667: Imagine a world with no religion...

John_Henson: "God" did not tell me n­iggers aren't human.

HellHunter667: Mind:Star Wars

John_Henson: Darwinism told me.

HellHunter667: :')

John_Henson: Because white man dominated over the weaker race.

VexxGenesis: darwinism woulda said, black people came first

John_Henson: N­iggers are the weaker link

John_Henson: And are to die off

VexxGenesis: its not a matter of who dominates who for darwin its who came first

John_Henson: To give more room for the dominant species.

Jepekula: John.

Jepekula: Want to know something?

VexxGenesis: john stop being a racist idiot -.-

John_Henson: Stop trying to turn my racism against me.

Jepekula: We (white people) descend (is it the right word?) from black people.

John_Henson: When I'm right

VexxGenesis: john your wrong

John_Henson: Darwinism states that the Strong rule the weak.

skullcrusher202: If you knew Darwinism correctly you would understand that despite our "races" we are still a single species.

John_Henson: Whites dominated the blacks

John_Henson: They may have come first.

John_Henson: But they are the weak link

VexxGenesis: no darwinism is not strong rule the week

John_Henson: And need to die off.

VexxGenesis: it is suvival of the fittest

VexxGenesis: no one rules anything

John_Henson: Holy shit.

John_Henson: You're a dumbass Vexx.

VexxGenesis: black people and white people ARE THE SAME

skullcrusher202: It isn't survival isn't the fittest Vexx.

awasabi: where does darwinism state that the strong rule the weak? pretty sure he doesn't

John_Henson: Do you know what a Chromosome is?

Jepekula: Survival of the fittest does not mean "survival of the strongest".

John_Henson: Because you have like, 6 extra ones.

ItalianoII: I would be such a troll if I went and just called a mod right now. XD

skullcrusher202: Darwinism is "survival of the not dead"

ItalianoII: >>

VexxGenesis: john you think whites are better then blacks eh?

John_Henson: Because we are.

VexxGenesis: then let me ask you this

VexxGenesis: who gets skin cancer

John_Henson: Otherwise, they wouldn't be our slaves.

Jepekula: Ahem.

John_Henson: Wow Vexx.

Jepekula: I have to tell you something John...

John_Henson: You are completely ****ing retarded.

Jepekula: In the civilized world...

VexxGenesis: john, who gets skin cancer

John_Henson: You have like 8 extra chromosomes.

Jepekula: Niggas are not slaves anymore.

John_Henson: You no longer have validity in this conversation.

VexxGenesis: john WHITE PEOPEL get skin cancer

VexxGenesis: black people DONT

John_Henson: Because you are an autistic, n­igger loving quivering horse abortion.

skullcrusher202: Not true Vexx.

VexxGenesis: skull it is

John_Henson: Vexx your undeniable stupidity...

Jepekula: John, you talking to me?

ItalianoII: John, get out of 1860, take down the Confederate flag from out front, and join us in the 21st century, please?

John_Henson: It brings my blood to a ****ing boil.

skullcrusher202: Whites do get skin cancer more frequently then blacks,.but black people are still prone to it.

VexxGenesis: john you must hate america then XS

John_Henson: WOW

HellHunter667: Black people run faster,and have longer penises.

John_Henson: Crack at America


HellHunter667: Problem,white males?

HellHunter667: :3

VexxGenesis: hardly

John_Henson: HellHunter

John_Henson: False.

VexxGenesis: but you must hate it cause its run by Obama whos black

HellHunter667: Orly?

HellHunter667: :3

John_Henson: Yes.

Jepekula: Black people run faster, because...

John_Henson: Stop watching ebony porn

Jepekula: They don't have guns.

darky14: Vexx, limit your goddess :[

ItalianoII: Ok, hellhunter, should I just be an epic troll and get a mod, therefore ending this "interesting" conversation? XD

HellHunter667: Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

John_Henson: I don't ****ing care.

VexxGenesis: john your just jelious that a black man can get the girls more then you XD

HellHunter667: Let the fun be.

skullcrusher202: No!

John_Henson: Get a mod

darky14: HH.

HellHunter667: Ja?

darky14: Ninja Gaiden 2 is so much fun.

John_Henson: I tell him about how natural selection dictates that Black People are inferior.

VexxGenesis: and darky, no lol

HellHunter667: I didn't even play the first one.

darky14: You get massacred by every end level boss.

Jepekula: Well, John.

ItalianoII: Lol, then let the idiocy of racism continue.

Jepekula: How does natural selection dictate, that black people are inferior?

John_Henson: Racism isn't idiotic.

VexxGenesis: hardly i want a mod in here to bad this idiot

VexxGenesis: and yes it is john

VexxGenesis: cause black people are the same as you

darky14: GO PLAY TERRA...wait.

John_Henson: Refusing to face facts and just blatant "OH EVERYONE IS EQUAL!!" is idiocy.

Jepekula: Sigh...

John_Henson: Holy shit Jep..

Jepekula: John, why they are inferior?

John_Henson: You've lost your validity too.

ItalianoII: I'm guessing now you want to rule all of Europe, John? Lol

Jepekula: I want to know why you think they are inferior.

John_Henson: Seeing as I've explained over 3 times.

VexxGenesis: jep hes a racist idiot kist leave him alone and maybe he will go away

John_Henson: Exactly

Jepekula: Kist?

John_Henson: You have no arguement.

Jepekula: Wut.

John_Henson: So you crap out.

John_Henson: Pull your step-dad's dildo out of you ass and stop ****ing your mom Vexx.

VexxGenesis: im to lazy to waste proper spelling on someone who has no brain to read it either way

Jepekula: John, I am not arguing with you. I just want to know just why the natural selection dictates that black people are inferior.

John_Henson: I'm*

ItalianoII: Simple, jep, it doesn't/

darkmaker578: stp cussin bitches

VexxGenesis: hey john your mad a black cause you has sex with a black girl and she made your already puny dick shrivel and fall off

Jepekula: Italiano, I think so too.

John_Henson: Ha

skullcrusher202: Same.

Jepekula: But, I always want to learn more.

darkmaker578: what game you plyng

John_Henson: I love your generic, unoriginal and completely unfunny comments Vexx.

skullcrusher202: But before we can break his reasoning we need to know it.

John_Henson: Which only continue to prove that you have roughly 6-8 extra chromosomes.

darkmaker578: uhhhhhh!

John_Henson: Please contract Feline AIDS.

John_Henson: And die a slow painful death

John_Henson: Because that's to good for you.

skullcrusher202: Aids has nothing to do with extra chromosomes.

John_Henson: Wow

John_Henson: WOW

John_Henson: WOW

ItalianoII: I don't even see the point of trying to break his reasoning. Personally, it's more satisfying for me to troll and laugh at idiots such as this.

John_Henson: No shit sherlok

VexxGenesis: so john someone else has already said you has sex with a black girl that made your dick fall off?

skullcrusher202: Then why connect the two?

HellHunter667: John...

HellHunter667: Fogd be a pofád. :3

Jepekula: John_Henson: Because white man dominated over the weaker race.

John_Henson: Because your inferior brain complex obviously cannot comprehend the audacity of my insults.

VexxGenesis: john for my comment to be unoriginal someone before me, must have said your dick fall off cause you had sex with a black girl

skullcrusher202: Es un pendejo el perro.

Jepekula: Seems legit, but black people are not really less strong than us white people are.

Jepekula: Ever heard of guns?

HellHunter667: Look at Star Wars,Mace Windu is the 2nd black guy in that galaxy and kicks ass. :I

skullcrusher202: So John, you saying that you are above us?

John_Henson: Ever hear of a Black man running a cotton farm filled with White slaveS?

John_Henson: No?

John_Henson: Strange.

John_Henson: N­iggers can't shoot anyways

HellHunter667: Ever heard of a white guy stealing the car from a black guy?

HellHunter667: :3

skullcrusher202: Haha.

ItalianoII: Lol hunter

ItalianoII: In fact, I have.

HellHunter667: Wha---you did?

HellHunter667: Huh...

HellHunter667: Well...

skullcrusher202: Same.

VexxGenesis: its funny, john if i droped you into the past and had you meet the vikings with the way you talking about slaves, you would be kicked out and left to die XD

John_Henson: They're to bust stuffing KFC and nasty child porn into their face.

skullcrusher202: 16 year old white kid joyriding in a stolen car.

John_Henson: Vexx you are a complete retard.

darkmaker578: hahahahaha

HellHunter667: John,if they can't fire a gun...

VexxGenesis: hey john its true XD

John_Henson: You have 6-8 extra Chromosomes.

HellHunter667: Please tell me why black men are gangsters,and white aren't these days.

John_Henson: You have lost ALL Validity.

VexxGenesis: oh wow as if that made you any smarter *rolls eyes*

John_Henson: And your arguments are no longer potent.

VexxGenesis: brb dinners ready

John_Henson: HellHunter simple

HellHunter667: Well explain.

HellHunter667: I really wanna know...

John_Henson: White people are superior and create countries, and Organized Militarys.

John_Henson: While n­iggers can only get ahold of guns and try to shoot them,

John_Henson: To use GANGS

John_Henson: As a sign of intelligence.

John_Henson: has just lowered your IQ by about 145 points.

John_Henson: Contract AIDS,

John_Henson: And die.

Jepekula: By rambling about random shit?

HellHunter667: White people created a country,now a black man is in charge. :I

Jepekula: /That was aimed at the lowered IQ message.

ItalianoII: What if his IQ is only 144? Then what? Lol

skullcrusher202: Someone can lower their IQ through chatting?

John_Henson: HellHunter

Jepekula: Then he transforms into a vegetable.

John_Henson: And now the Country is in ruins.

skullcrusher202: That's odd.

Jepekula: Skull, yes.

Jepekula: Yes they can.

HellHunter667: No,but they can by watching...lolshock.

John_Henson: And is nearly back into a condition similar to the Great Depression.

Jepekula: John...

Jepekula: I have to tell you, the Americas

John_Henson: AND the n­igger in the presidents seat tried to pass bills to CENSOR the internet.

Jepekula: Goddamned enter, so close to '

John_Henson: AND SUCCESSFULLY passed one

John_Henson: That turns the United States into a Battlefield.

Jepekula: The Americas' problems started in the mid 1990's.

skullcrusher202: America is in ruins because of Nepotism

Jepekula: Not when Obama was elected president.

John_Henson: and gives Military Personnel permission to EXECUTE UNITED STATES CIVILIANS

John_Henson: For the slightest of crimes.

John_Henson: Obama is a ****ing retard.

Jepekula: You have read too much scifi.

ItalianoII: John, the United States became a battlefield when to major political parties emerged. This is nothing new. Lol

skullcrusher202: Because George Bush was elected instead ode the more qualified person.

ItalianoII: *two

skullcrusher202: Of*

John_Henson: The ONLY reason Obama was elected into Office

John_Henson: Is because retards like you exist.

John_Henson: "OH WOW!!


John_Henson: LETS VOTE FOR HIM!!



skullcrusher202: First of all, I never voted. Even if I could I would have voted for McKain

Jepekula: John.

princessrosa: O.o

princessrosa: weeeird

John_Henson: McKAIN

ItalianoII: I know, rosa.

John_Henson: MCKAIN

Jepekula: Although this is not related to anything, would you vote a homosexual person for president?

John_Henson: MCKAIN

princessrosa: no italiano not that

Jepekula: Isn't it McCain?

skullcrusher202: Yeah him.

John_Henson: If they were competent, and were only elected BECAUSE they were Homosexual Jep.

princessrosa: i clicked on room and it brought me to this banned thing o-o

John_Henson: Like Obama

skullcrusher202: Auto corrected on me.

ItalianoII: Strange...

ItalianoII: Well back to trolling Neo-Nazis...

Jepekula: Uh, John, I did not really understand your message.

Jepekula: Could you please write it again?

John_Henson: Ok

princessrosa: :3 john yurascist

John_Henson: So, if the Homosexual guy was competent, he wasn't a complete ****ing flamer, and he was the best choice. Yes.

ItalianoII: Not only that, rosa, he's an idiot. I think he wants a medal.

John_Henson: I would NOT vote for him BECAUSE he was homosexual though

Jepekula: Okay.

Jepekula: In that way, you are not completely ftarted.

John_Henson: While people voted for Obama BECAUSE he was black.

skullcrusher202: I would vote for who seems to be the better person.

princessrosa: and um Obama cant be homosexual considering he is married to a female

princessrosa: :3 dumbass

ItalianoII: Lol

John_Henson: Princess

John_Henson: You're a ****ing retard

John_Henson: Stop existing

John_Henson: Contract AIDS

John_Henson: And die

princessrosa: ignorance :3

HellHunter667: You still exist if you die...

HellHunter667: :3

ItalianoII: True, lol

princessrosa: ^

John_Henson: Not true

HellHunter667: Yep.

princessrosa: is true

IsaBeIIa: Please, clarify. Are you calling someone else a ****ing retard when you just said you wouldn't vote for someone because they were homosexual?

John_Henson: God doesn't exist and he "dies"

IsaBeIIa: Or did I misread.

John_Henson: He dies as religion does

skullcrusher202: Depends on your beliefs.

John_Henson: BAM

HellHunter667: You die,people will remember you.

John_Henson: You just lost son

HellHunter667: You still exist in their hearts.

HellHunter667: :3

ItalianoII: No, Isa, you read right. We have a real idiot here.

John_Henson: You got Religion problems, I feel sorry for you son.

IsaBeIIa: Ah

IsaBeIIa: Makes total sense.

skullcrusher202: Immortality through memory.

John_Henson: I got 99 problems but a Religion ain't one

IsaBeIIa: Stupidity is, though.

skullcrusher202: But memories also fade.

IsaBeIIa: Clearly.

princessrosa: lol isa

princessrosa: i think mental brain damage is another one of his problems

John_Henson: Princess

John_Henson: Do you know what a Chromosome is?

IsaBeIIa: I'm sorry, but to not vote for someone because they are homosexual?

IsaBeIIa: Lololo

IsaBeIIa: I don't even Razz

John_Henson: Because you have about 6-8 extra ones

HellHunter667: John,do you know what a nerve is?

Jepekula: IsaBeIIa: I'm sorry, but to not vote for someone because they are homosexual?

John_Henson: Go hump trees with Vexx

Jepekula: Nobody said so, I think?

princessrosa: isa he just hates people on how they were born

HellHunter667: Someone stomped on yours and now you try to annoy people because you are mand.

John_Henson: Yes I know what a Nerve is.

skullcrusher202: John, if you cannot even for a second open to hear what we have to say, it just shows that what you believe in is what is right. And in this world it is impossible to know right from wrong

HellHunter667: mad*

skullcrusher202: Unless you are omnipotent.

John_Henson: Nope

John_Henson: I came in here to hate n­iggers

princessrosa: john is insecure Very Happy he has to try and "troll" to make him feel better

IsaBeIIa: That man is the perfect candidate. He's smart, can keep a cool head, and knows what he's doing. But he's homosexual, so let's vote for the OTHER people, regardless of if it being a good choice or not!

IsaBeIIa: Yup.

ItalianoII: I think his only insult is "You're black," "Contract AIDS and die," and "You have 6-8 extra chromosomes."

IsaBeIIa: Makes sense.

skullcrusher202: Therefore all your points are invalid.

Jepekula: Isa...

Jepekula: Nobody really said so.

John_Henson: I have no problems against f­ags, ch­inks, D­ykes, or G­reasers

Jepekula: Atleast I don't think so.

IsaBeIIa: John_Henson: So, if the Homosexual guy was competent, he wasn't a complete ****ing flamer, and he was the best choice. Yes.

IsaBeIIa: John_Henson: I would NOT vote for him BECAUSE he was homosexual though

IsaBeIIa: No?

skullcrusher202: Even I know that I do not know everything. And that my judgement my not be the correct one every time.

Jepekula: He said that he would vote for the "gay" candidate, but the reason for the vote would not be that the candidate was gay.

skullcrusher202: May*

skullcrusher202: Anyone agree with my logic?

John_Henson: Jepekula is possibly the only person here with any form of comprehension ability.

IsaBeIIa: Ah, so I did misread, then.

Jepekula: Well thank you good sir.

John_Henson: No Isa

IsaBeIIa: No?

ItalianoII: *sits back with a bowl of popcorn and a pair of binoculars* Now this is entertainment.

princessrosa: really italiano really

John_Henson: Your second grade intelligence level prevented your child like mind to comprehend what it was sayin

Jepekula: You got a really shitty eyesight if you need binoculars to watch your computer screen.

omegablitz: ~floats into room~....FLOAT~

omegablitz: andhia

skullcrusher202: Lol.

IsaBeIIa: My second grade intelligence level. Yet you're sitting on Kongregate, arguing on a chat.

IsaBeIIa: That makes sense, dear <3

HellHunter667: *faceplants near Isa*

John_Henson: I am not arguing.

Jepekula: Isa...

HellHunter667: *gives her a bottle of Mountain Dew*

John_Henson: They are.

Jepekula: How does arguing in a internet chat make you dumber?

John_Henson: ^

IsaBeIIa: It doesn't make you dumber.

IsaBeIIa: It makes you dumb.

John_Henson: Wow

IsaBeIIa: There is a difference, ya know ;P

John_Henson: There's that third or fourth chromosome talking.

Jepekula: Isa, how does it make you dumb then?

IsaBeIIa: Arguing on the internet? How often does that bear anything worth wild?

IsaBeIIa: Except making the participants look like completely numbskulls.

John_Henson: look like completely numbskulls.



IsaBeIIa: Who said I'm striving for perfection?

IsaBeIIa: Wink

John_Henson: You have lost any validity you have Isa.

linger207: who says you need to srive?

linger207: Wink

princessrosa: chro·mo·some/ˈkrōməˌsōm/ Noun: A threadlike structure of nucleic acids and protein found in the nucleus of most living cells, carrying genetic information in the form...

linger207: strive* -_-

John_Henson: WOW

John_Henson: PRINCESS

princessrosa: so thereforth chromosomes cant talk


IsaBeIIa: Ah, I am sorry, Lord John Henson. I am sorry I have failed to live up to you, to be even HALF as intelligent as you, oh great lord, are.

skullcrusher202: Haha.

John_Henson: GIVE HER A ****ING MEDAL.

IsaBeIIa: My apologies, Oh wise god.
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