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 The Windbusche Epic

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ViestiAihe: The Windbusche Epic   Ma Heinä 02, 2012 10:00 am

Before our grandfathers grandfathers were born, there was a great warrior named Windbusche. Windbusche was a common farmer's son, but he was able to rise to the throne of the Great King. He was born in a small village, which name has been long forgotten. When he was born, the evil iron men from south came to take our women and lands by force. His father died with honour in a great battle against the invaders. The invaders won, however, because they had much more men and their javelins fucking tore men apart. When he was 15, his village was destroyed by the invaders, so he fled south. He encountered a bunch of warriors, walking in the road.
"Greetings!", Windbusche said when he approached the men, "Do you have a need for another pair of hands? I do not have much experience with swords, but I do now how to shoot a bow or throw a javelin, as I was a farmer's boy who had to hunt for a living if the crops failed." The oldest of the warriors rises his head, "If we would not be so low on numbers, I would throw you where you came from" he rumbles, " But as it is, we have lost many a great men, and we desperately need new ones. You can take Lugo's spears, he died from a thrust of a steel man who pretended to be dead." and points to his left, where is a heap of small spears, made for throwing.
Windbusche approaches the weapons, takes a spear and swings it a little. "I am sure I will not disappoint you with these kinds of weapons", he says. Suddenly, the band of warriors (and the new recruit) hears a loud scream.
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The Windbusche Epic
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