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Saunan kunnia elävöittäjä

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ViestiAihe: Truth   Pe Elo 03, 2012 9:55 am

I looked at the ocean around the island.
I knew I was far away from home. But then, a soldier ran from the base and told:
"Blake is going to attack! Quick, take this assault rifle and follow me!"
We were at the other side of the island. I saw some choppers, ships and boats coming, but they seemed very weak in numbers. I could already guess that this was only the beginning.
The boats went down quickly. The ships and choppers were a little harder to take down, but there were no casualties. A few of them survived, and they were captured. This continued for a few days, and then the Blake just stopped attacking. One of the captured guys said:
"Hey, wait a second... are you from the Omega Force? I'd recognise that uniform anywhere."
Omega Force... that sounded familiar.
"Do you know anything else from the Omega Force?" I asked.
"One of their fighter planes flew over me 6 days ago, but I guess that isn't anything special."
The leader of the military base said:
"Omega Force? They were being ambushed by an unknown enemy! You must be one of them who survived the ambush."
Now I was starting to remember.

My name is Alex. I escaped with the fighter, when we got attacked by an enemy that looked like the guys from Blake. But it couldn't be them who attacked us, that soldier didn't know anything else about us.

Everyone went silent for a while. I knew they all were thinking of the same. Then, the leader finally said:
"We have to go, now! This situation can be a lot worse than we thought!"
We were now close to the truth, at least I hope so.
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