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Saunan kunnia elävöittäjä

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ViestiAihe: Retire   La Elo 04, 2012 7:09 am

When we were back at the Omega Force HQ, it was pretty much destroyed. Most of the weapons and my friends survived the ambush. Then our Captain told:
"It's good to see you back, Alex! Our enemy is the Black Plague. We still don't know much about them, but they are located North of us.
"So they are the ones who killed off Blake, and made our base useless", the base leader said.
We packed everything we needed, and got ready to face the tough enemy. I was controlling the fighter again.
It took some time, and when we got there, they were waiting for us. Captain said:
"You have to clear the way for us, you are the best we've got. Good luck."
Even though I haven't controlled a fighter in a while, my skills were still the same. The forces outside the Black Plague HQ were weak for me, so things would get a lot harder inside the headquarters.
I shot a missile in the air, giving them a sign to get in there. A few more fighters came to assist me with their air forces.

(Meanwhile, in the HQ...)

"Okay, everyone stay alert. This could very well be another trap, so watch your step."
We got attacked quickly after that, but we survived it. With the help of the military, we were more powerful. But they were likely to be still as powerful.

(Back at outside the HQ)

"These guys are smalltime!" I thought. Then, we encountered an army of kamikaze ships. First, we shot some of them down. Then we lured them to crash into the ground and on the walls of the headquarters. And the rest were destroyed by missiles. Now we were also ready to park our fighters and get in there."

We got a few casualties, avoided many traps, killed a lot of soldiers, destroyed a few tanks and other machinery. With all the mazes, cameras and dead ends, it took a long time. But when we all got to the mastermind behind all this, he revealed himself and started to explain.
"I was a super soldier that you did not want into your forces. That's how this all happened. It was all your fault. DIE!"
He didn't even have time to put his finger on the trigger, when we killed him off.
This went way deeper than I thought. But now it's over and we can retire for a while...
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